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Most Singapore residents favour retaining 377A without enforcement: survey

Most Singapore residents favour retaining Section 377A of the Penal Code even if it is not enforced, a survey conducted by market research consultancy Blackbox Research shows.

This colonial-era law, which criminalises sex between consenting male adults, is rarely enforced and doesn't lead to prosecutions. A recent judgement ruled that while the law will continue to exist, it is “unenforceable in its entirety” and cannot be used to persecute anyone violating it.

One of the questions posed by the recent survey commissioned by Yahoo News Singapore was: “Singapore should keep Section 377A even if it is not enforced. Do you agree?”

Of the 1,000 respondents, 42% strongly agreed or agreed with the statement, with 19% strongly disagreeing or disagreeing. The remaining 40% expressed a neutral stance on the issue.

When asked whether repealing such a law would lead to a breakdown of the family unit in Singapore, 36% agreed while 28% agreed. The percentage of younger people who disagreed with this statement was higher at 40%.

Over half of respondents (51%) agreed that religious opinions and views shouldn't influence Singapore's laws. 

Lastly, when asked whether the absence of a law criminalising sex between women will be 'harmful' to society, 33% of residents opined that it would be while 41% remained neutral. 

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