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COVID-19 Weekly Community Tracker, updated as of 02 Jul

How are Singaporeans responding to the COVID-19 crisis? Here at Blackbox, we carry out a weekly tracking report to see how Singaporeans are feeling, how has their daily lives been affected and how we are coping with Circuit Breaker.

Updated as of 02-Jul (Final Wave)

Updated as of 25-Jun (Wave 10)

Updated as of 18-Jun (Wave 9)

Updated as of 12-Jun (Wave 8)

Updated as of 04-Jun (Wave 7)

Updated as of 28-May (Wave 6)

Updated as of 21-May (Wave 5)

Updated as of 14-May (Wave 4)

Updated as of 08-May (Wave 3)

Updated as of 30-April (Wave 2)

Updated as of 24-April (Wave 1)

Sampling Information

This surveys included in this tracking report were all conducted online, using a geographically stratified sample to ensure representative demographic coverage of the population.

Our methodology also applies quota controls and is representative of the permanent adult Singapore population (citizen/PR), based on age, gender, ethnicity, housing type and region.

Blackbox has been conducting monthly studies of adult Singaporeans since 2015 using the same sampling methodology which is regularly adjusted to accounted for demographic changes in the population.

Author: Blackbox Research Team


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