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The Independent

PM Lee’s 2019 NDR speech resonates well with Singaporeans; younger citizens rated it over 6.6%

Independent research agency Blackbox Research in its latest survey of 1,002 Singapore citizens and PRs, aged 15 and above, the forthcoming adjustments to retirement age are causing the most concern here in Singapore, after Singaporean prime minister Lee cited the country’s plans during his 2019 National Day Rally. Twenty-five percent of the respondents were most concerned about changes to retirement age rating it as the most important theme this year. Other topics of significance were the worsening economy (23%), as well as CPF changes for older workers (19%). The long-term plan to respond to climate change issues made a very good impression on respondents, with 21% saying this was the most impressive part of this year’s NDR speech. For more on this story, click here.