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Digital Personas: How Many of Us Fake It Online?

With fake Instagram accounts apparently on the rise, it got us thinking – how many Singaporeans maintain fake personas or noms de plume online? Our findings show that nearly a quarter of Singaporeans (23%) claim to maintain a fake or alternative profile on social media to stay anonymous. The figure is a little higher amongst those under the age of 25 – 27%

Not only are there numerous fake accounts out there, many Singaporeans also admit they exclude people from their feeds – nearly half (46%) say they like to ‘block’. Most common block targets are strangers followed by the boss. Findings also show that 22% block their children but only 7% block their romantic/partner or spouse. Grounds for divorce?

So, with all those fake accounts out there, be careful – your next Facebook friend or Instagram voyeur could well be your boss in disguise.

Author: Blackbox Research Team


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