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Digital Health Passports: Greater Freedom Pre-Vaccine

With the likelihood that any possible COVID19 vaccine will not be available to many of us until 2021, Governments and policy makers have been looking at ways to allow for increased group activity in the safest possible way.

Enter the digital health passport: a web-based platform that securely stores a person’s COVID-19 testing status and personal history. Unlike a tracing app, digital health passports are alleged to be less intrusive. The individual can easily share their personal information already in the passport through QR codes, in exchange for access to certain locations or services.

What do Singaporeans think of digital health passports? For a start, close to 1 in 2 Singaporeans are aware of discussions about them while 71% of Singaporeans find the concept appealing, especially those aged 15-24 years-old (82%) who have had to endure six months of social distancing at an age when social proximity is everything.

Eager to adopt the technology if it’s available, Singaporeans also believe they would use digital passports in a variety of settings including travel-related services such as flights (74%) and staycations (70%). We recently looked at post COVID19 travel aspirations in our Unravel Travel report.

Singaporeans also think digital health passports would be useful for everyday activities such as attending work conferences (71%), going to school (71%) and visiting places of worship (69%). There is also a desire to use DP technology to access popular entertainment venues such as theme parks (66%), cinemas (65%) and fairs and festivals (63%).