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What are the jobs of the future?

Millions of lives have altered since 2020; now as 2022 approaches, people have learned to better assess the situation around them and realign their priorities: in health, spending habits and, in particular, in employment. After 18 months of living with a global pandemic, Singaporeans have discerned the qualities that make one job better than another.

Nearly half (45%) of Singaporeans agree that salary is of importance when assessing a job’s prospects; add to that people who need stability in employment (25%) and it is clear that a job must provide financial security and stability. However, it is important to note that while finances are paramount, there is no discounting the importance of having a job that values an employees’ work-life balance (33%), especially as mental health has come to the fore of late. 

We are also seeing generational differences in what makes jobs 

valuable and enjoyable. In addition to salary and work-life balance, we also note that for Gen Z, factors such as job stability and flexible working hours are less important than some other factors such as quality of work colleagues. 

So, where does the public believe the ‘good jobs’ are now?

Today, tech jobs are most desirable with Singaporeans, as are roles in e-commerce, and data and analytics. Conversely, the automotive, advertising/PR, retail and tourism sectors are seen as the least desirable. 

There’s also low interest in working in sectors that have been instrumental to Singapore’s development as a nation: manufacturing, aviation, and oil and gas. Even the public sector is looking comparatively less attractive for younger Singaporeans – a significant shift in mindset from previous generations. 

Looking ahead, what do Singaporeans believe to be the sectors to find great jobs in the future?

Singaporeans expect today’s top two sectors to continue to provide great working opportunities in the future. Renewables & green energy enters the top bracket of sectors that Singaporeans believe will have great jobs on offer ahead. 

As the workforce paradigm shifts, talent in SG will increasingly gravitate to new sectors and this will present challenges for mature sectors that still have an enormous contribution to make to Singapore’s economy.

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Author: Blackbox Research Team


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