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Public Service Experience Index (PSXI) third edition: New trends emerge

Digitalisation is the post-pandemic buzzword, but simply using it as a catchphrase doesn’t translate into anything meaningful unless it’s backed up with robust data to help identify gaps, course correct, and remain agile on a constantly evolving path of digital engagement. Blackbox has been tracking the digital transformation of public sector organisations in a bid to understand their impact and interaction with the people of Singapore and how Singaporeans value and perceive these organisations. 

We have just published our third cycle of PSXI results scoring 30 public sector organisations across various parameters. Here’s what we found: 

The latest PSXI data reveals that the pandemic-enforced, work-from-home culture made digital interactions with public sector organisations an inevitable part of citizens’ daily lives, and this increased engagement coupled with a steep learning curve for many could have contributed to the slight dip as compared to 2020, although at 41.5, the scores are still 3.6 points above pre-pandemic levels. 

Our findings indicate that digitalisation is on the right track going forward. Twelve out of the 30 agencies scored above the 2021 national average, five of which punched above the 50-point mark.  

For the third year in a row, the Health Promotion Board performed best on average, confirming Singapore’s quality healthcare infrastructure. In other trends, Professionals, Managers, Executives, and Technicians (PMET) rated the public sector organisations less favourably over non-PMETs in a stark reversal of sorts from last year. We explain the possible reasons for this in our full report. 

Our findings also highlight the need to take everyone along in this journey with a fair bit of handholding at the beginning stages of familiarisation. Programmes like Seniors Go Digital and Mobile Access For Seniors by IMDA would go a long way in helping agencies make improvements on their overall score within the index.  

Policymaking is an art, and beyond all the planning and implementation, the only way to truly get it right is to have effective public engagement. The pandemic led to most citizen engagement going digital. It has helped the public sector gain better and quicker insights, which overall leads to continued good governance. 

It is important to emphasise that the goal of the PSXI report is not comparing the performance of public sector organisations since they vary in their nature of work and audiences served. We wanted to track their individual journey in the process of contributing to the overall digitalisation efforts of Singapore, which we are confident will continue to improve year on year. 

To access the PSXI data and download the summary, full report, and related infographics, please visit Blackbox’s PSXI 2021 microsite.

Author: Blackbox Research Team


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