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GE2020: First Time Voters

How different were first time voters in GE 2020? Voting for the first time, this group of young Singaporeans, also known as Gen Zs (21-24 years old), demonstrated some major differences compared to their older counterparts. Below are three findings our campaign polling uncovered:

1. Gen Zs relied heavily on social media, not mainstream broadcast channels

While 30% of Singaporean voters got their election news from social media, Gen Zs were disproportionately represented (53% did). This stands out in stark comparison to broadcast media, TV and radio – only 9% of Gen Zs relied on these channels for election news.

2. More choice in the political scene wanted

When asked whether having more choice for voters is good for Singapore, Gen Zs overwhelming replied in the affirmative with 3 in 4 in agreement, 17% more than baby boomers (voters aged 60 and above).

3. More concerned about jobs and unemployment than Baby Boomers

Gen Zs displayed a different set of perspective on bread and butter issues. While they are less concerned about rising cost of living (13% below Baby Boomers), they are more concerned about jobs and unemployment (9% more than Baby Boomers).

Author: Blackbox Research Team


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