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The future of branding: What drives Singaporeans’ health-related purchases?

The health, wellness, nutrition, and self-care industry has grown rapidly during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

From fitness applications to video consultations, many Singaporean consumers say they now eat better, exercise more, and spend more money on health-related items (vitamins, supplements, and home-exercising equipment).

How do Singaporean consumers make healthy choices? Our data shows that mainstream outlets remain dominant but are becoming less and less relevant. Lifestyle and athletic influencers are the new rage, especially among younger consumers.

Indeed, 38% of all Singaporeans still choose healthy products based on what they see, read, or hear in traditional media, followed by Government announcements (25%). 

At 28%, Gen Zers are likelier to choose products based on the advice of celebrities and influencers that they follow on social media, while Millennials, Gen Xers, and Boomers rely much more on traditional media (above 35% for all three age categories).

Our data also shows that a brand’s appeal is also related to the way it is perceived to do business. Almost one in four (23%) Singaporeans choose health and nutrition products based on the product’s ethical or environmental footprint – with women much more inclined to make such choices than men (respectively 30% versus 18%).

This is despite more than half (57%) of Singaporeans being interested in health and nutrition products but not necessarily willing to go out of their way to seek them.

The findings have great implications for health and wellness brands looking to capture Singaporeans’ attention.

There are many established health and wellness brands in Singapore, but they cannot rely on reputation or name recognition alone, as product endorsements will continue driving market dynamics in the near future – especially among younger consumers. As a direct consequence of the uncertainty and confusion of the past year, consumers are increasingly turning to influential public figures for trustworthy advice and reliable recommendations.

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