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Crystal Ball: What We Imagine for the Year 2030

It might only be 2021, but this decade already feels longer and very different to others in recent memory. COVID-19 has stopped us in our tracks, China is now challenging the United States’ global dominance in substantive ways, and climate change poses an even greater threat to the planet than ever before. 

Yet Blackbox polling shows that Singaporeans remain fairly optimistic about the future, imagining a fairer, more sustainable society and better solutions to today’s problems.

In terms of local changes, the current pandemic remains top of mind. Nearly seven in ten Singaporeans believe that COVID-19 will still be with us in 2030, but probably controlled through regular booster shots. 

This is followed by innovation in sustainability, which is seen as very likely to develop in the coming decade. Three sustainability-driven innovations feature high on the list of what is likely in 2030: the rise of electric vehicles (69%), a sector that we see growing rapidly in the next decade; the advent of plant-based meat substitutes (58%); and an established water autonomy from Malaysia (58%).

This confirms recent research by Blackbox that a more responsible and sustainable use of resources is important to Singaporeans.

Globally, Singaporeans see a big shake-up over the next ten years. Many envisage shifts resulting from digitalisation, with streaming entertainment dominating the media landscape (73%) and online medical consultations becoming much more commonplace (65%). 

Singaporeans also see likely changes in the global socio-political landscape, with China becoming more powerful than the United States (63%), more pandemics affecting the world (63%), and a woman finally becoming President of the United States (62%).

On a lighter note, most of us think that Singapore qualifying for a World Cup is about as likely as humans living on the moon in 2030 (26% versus 29%, respectively).