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Transportation: The electric vehicle revolution is nigh

After several years of contradictory stances, the Singapore government is showing signs of warming up to electric vehicles (EVs) becoming part of Singapore’s landscape. The clearest sign of all is the fact that the Parliament recently discussed a number of supportive measures, including lowering the road tax for mass-market electric cars so that it is on par with equivalent combustion-engine models.

Our data shows that Singaporeans are indeed largely ready for the EV revolution, but several obstacles – specifically, the price – remain in the way. Overall, 59% of Singaporeans say they are likely to buy an EV in the next five years, with Millennials most likely (66%).

Among the benefits identified for EVs, the top three are their eco-friendliness (71%), the potential energy savings (61%), and their quietness (42%). Among the downsides, those that stand out are the prohibitive cost (70%), the charging times (59%), and the availability of charging stations (59%).

These findings suggest that much remains to be done to make EV ownership both practical and accessible. If everything goes according to plan, the government’s S$30 million pledge over the next five years for EV-related initiatives should incentivise the wider adoption of such vehicles – hopefully making Elon Musk rethink his harsh assessment of Singapore’s position on the technology.