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Life after COVID-19 : What will the new normal look like?

For the most part, Singaporeans have adapted to the constraints of living in a global pandemic. With the COVID-19 vaccines now on the horizon, many are looking forward to post-pandemic life – though they are not willing to let COVID-related measures intrude into every facet of their day-to-day. Where is the line being drawn in terms of what we will put up with in the new normal?

Our data shows that the roll-out of the COVID-19 vaccine will impact Singaporeans’ plans in the new normal. For the most part, they have a realistic timeline in mind; not many expect to be vaccinated immediately (31% expect it to happen before Summer 2021) and most know it will come to them later in 2021 (25%). 11% think it will not be until 2022, and a similar proportion (11%) would like to get vaccinated now, in February 2021.

More important than the timing of the vaccination is the type of vaccine that will be made available. Close to 76% of Singaporeans care about which vaccine they will get and which country it comes from, with Millennials (25-34) caring the most (84%) and Boomers (50+) caring the least (63%). In this context, not knowing which vaccine they are lining up for may push people to delay getting vaccinated, which may in turn impact the return to normalcy.

Another major element that will determine the pace of our post-pandemic lives is the adoption of the TraceTogether token. Just half of Singaporeans (50%) are worried about how the government collects, handles, or uses their TraceTogether data following the announcement that TraceTogether data could be used for purposes other than contact-tracing. Yet 39% say they will still collect the token and 44% say they will use it as instructed – suggesting that looking ahead to the future may be more important than fretting over potential privacy issues.