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Citizens’​ digital experiences: Why they matter for the public sector

At Blackbox, we spend a lot of time examining how consumers and citizens interact with all types of organisations.

One major trend we have observed is that the global health crisis has pushed public sector organisations around the world to fast-track their digital transformation – highlighting the importance of leveraging digital technologies to better serve citizens in the decades ahead.

In this context, we felt it was important to provide timely data on the way Singaporeans use, value, and perceive the many services provided by public sector organisations.

The Public Sector Experience Index (PSXI) is an all-round composite index that measures where 30 public sector organisations in Singapore – Ministries, Statutory Boards, and other agencies – stand in terms of their digitalisation journeys.

Established as a longitudinal index, the PSXI tracks public sector organisations’ digitalisation journeys, benchmarking their progress over time in terms of scope and pace of transformation.

With just two cycles of results, we have already uncovered some interesting findings. The PSXI data reveals a marked increase over just 12 months, with the overall score jumping from 37.9 in 2019 to 46.7 in 2020. This signifies that Singapore’s public sector agencies are on the right path towards establishing a robust digital ecosystem for citizens. It also reflects the impact the pandemic has had, as many public sector services have moved towards an exclusive online delivery.

It is important to note that the PSXI was not designed to compare public sector organisations’ individual performance, but to track their digitalisation journey. When reviewing these scores, we need to be mindful that many external factors – from the nature of the services rendered to the range of audiences served – can have significant bearing on the scores, no matter how digitally enabled an organisation may be.

Overall, the PSXI shows us that digital transformation has empowered Singaporeans, allowing them to access useful government services, communicate with agencies, and even contribute to policy-making matters. The greatest challenge now is to further build on this by sustaining engagement and surpassing satisfaction levels.

With this index, we hope our comprehensive data sparks productive conversations, helping public sector organisations gain greater insight into how they can anticipate Singaporeans’ constantly evolving needs and expectations.

To access the PSXI data and download the report, head over to the interactive microsite: