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Worst year ever? Resilience in the year of COVID-19

As we bid farewell to 2020, we take a step back to review a year filled with difficult and unusual circumstances that put most people’s patience and resilience to the test.

Many areas of day-to-day life were affected by the pandemic, but people felt up to the challenge. 80% of Singaporeans feel the pandemic has made them stronger and more resilient, and 73% feel better today than they did six months ago, at the peak of the Circuit Breaker.

How did Singaporeans cope with the pandemic? For the most part, thanks to the support of friends and immediate family – 35% of Singaporeans credit their partner or spouse, followed by parents (13%), and friends and children (both at 9%).

However, 18% of Singaporeans say they weathered the pandemic by themselves, and more than half (58%) report a deterioration of their mental health – with younger Singaporeans (Gen Zers and Millennials) more adversely affected.

In terms of outlook, there is a sense of optimism that may be sustained all through 2021; 59% of Singaporeans think that Singapore’s economy will improve in 2021, with men (62%) more hopeful than women (55%).

These findings suggest that post-pandemic recovery will be a multi-dimensional endeavour. While it will be important to focus on economic recovery – jobs, productivity, investment – special attention should also be devoted to restoring and maintaining Singaporeans’ mental and emotional well-being.