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Staying competitive in 2021: Leveraging rapid research capabilities for fast decision-making


The COVID-19 pandemic has transformed the business landscape – pushing companies to diversify and digitalise their revenue streams, testing their nimbleness and resilience in the face of crisis, and highlighting any major strategic gaps that had gone unaddressed.

One key gap that has stood out in 2020 is the ability to proactively identify potential hurdles or opportunities, and to quickly take action based on newly available information.

Turning data and insights into effective decisions and strategies is an essential capacity to nurture and invest in, but the pandemic has revealed that many organisations are much less agile and responsive than they think they are.

This is especially problematic – and costly – for businesses whose bottom-line is closely tied to acting fast and/or first.

For this reason, Blackbox Research offers a suite of quick research, survey, and data validation solutions to help businesses address any time-sensitive query.

From specific customer sentiments in Singapore to wider consumer insights across the Asia-Pacific region, we can help you identify a trend and support your decision-making processes to stay ahead of competitors.

Contact us here or at for more information on how we can design customised data-decision solutions that will help you take charge in 2021 and beyond.