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Is Singapore getting too tough on smokers?

The Singapore government is considering a new law to ban smoking in residential buildings, adding to its existing arsenal of strict laws prohibiting smoking in most indoor areas and in many outdoor areas.

The measure – which would ban smoking near windows or on balconies to minimise neighbours’ exposure to second-hand smoke – has been described as unnecessary or excessive on social media.

And yet, our findings reveal overwhelming support for this measure: 85% of all Singaporeans support it, and approval remains high among non-smokers (90%), occasional smokers (86%), and ex-smokers (83%).

Even among smokers, more than half (58%) express support for the new law. Likewise, 81% of people who have a regular smoker in their close social circle approve of the proposed measure.

Overall, it seems that tough measures are the way to go when it comes to smoking.

Could it be a matter of time before cigarettes are completely banned in Singapore, similar to how the shisha and electronic cigarettes were outlawed a few years ago?