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SG Digitalisation: How Far Along Are We?

COVID-19 has accelerated digitalisation in Singapore, affecting not just the way companies and businesses operate, but also how individual Singaporeans interact in their daily lives. From scanning QR codes at entryways to ordering food and groceries from mobile devices, a number of digital platforms have made it easier to comply with Circuit Breaker measures.

More recently, it has been announced that Singapore will become the first country in the world to use Facial Verification for government benefits.

Our latest YKA poll supports the idea that Singaporeans are embracing technological innovation. It also reveals that the generational digital divide is less pronounced than it is made to be in the media. While Gen Zers actively seek out opportunities to try out new gadgets, Baby Boomers (60 years-old and above) are increasingly comfortable with new technology as long as someone shows them how to use it. However, about one in 10 Singaporeans still appear anxious about using technology. Moving forward, greater support and assistance to increase adoption and usage will be key.

Despite this growing appetite, tech developers still need to do more to shift people’s behaviour when launching new, innovative products and services:

  • Internet of Things (IoT) devices and sensors in my home
    About a third of Singaporeans have IoT devices in their homes, and half of them (50%) are open to acquiring them in the future. With only 13% pushing back, there is clearly a lucrative and untapped market in Singapore for better user-driven innovation in this space.
  • Using wearables and analytics to change personal behaviour
    While 28% of Singaporeans have used wearable technologies, a sizeable majority (51%) are open to it. There is more resistance to this tech though, with one in five (22%) claiming they are not inclined to try it.
  • Telemedicine, where patients access healthcare from their homes
    COVID-19 may not have driven mass adoption of telemedicine – only 17% of Singaporeans have tried such services so far. However, there is huge interest in it: 47% of Singaporeans are open to trying telemedicine, and 21% are actively considering it. 

Note: SingPass Mobile currently rates as the most popular Government app, coming in at 85% take up. Interested to know which was least installed? Drop me a note at to find out more.