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Younger Singaporeans Sympathise with Hong Kongers

On 30 June, Chinese President Xi Jinping signed into effect a Hong Kong national security law, which effectively bans all forms of dissent and protest in the city. Critics of this law (there are many) believe it not only allows the government to punish protesters, but weakens press freedom and reduces the territory’s autonomy.

Singaporeans have paid attention to the situation in Hong Kong since last year. Three in four (76% ) Singaporeans say they are following the situation in Hong Kong, with 20% saying they are monitoring the news from there closely.

Some countries such as UK and Australia have started offering safe havens to Hong Kong residents. Should the Singapore Government do the same by offering some form of safe haven visa?

We asked Singaporeans if they would support such a move here and 57% replied positively. Singaporeans under 35, however, are far more likely to show support (68%), compared to elder Singaporeans aged 50 and above (44%).

Seven in ten also agree that Singapore should welcome top business talent that wishes to relocate from HK. This is just slightly less than the three in four who feel Hong Kong’s status as an international business centre will now decline as a result of the new security law.