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The Singaporean Persona: Who are We in 2020?

GE2020 was a landmark election in Singapore not only for the result but as much for the questions it raised about what Singaporeans want moving forwards and whether the national psyche has changed as the country has modernised and become wealthier.

We spent some time this month looking at how Singaporeans characterise themselves today and what they say they commit to in their everyday life. Overall, above all else Singaporeans claim to be self- disciplined. They subscribe to the idea of personal sacrifice, being prudent and avoiding too much that is bad for them.

Singaporeans are also more apt to believe they put family first, although this trait is much stronger amongst Gen Xers and baby boomers than it is amongst younger Singaporeans.

At the other end of the spectrum, Singaporeans are not especially spiritual. While many subscribe to leading a strong moral life, the practice of religion seems less important and less than half commit to the idea of life after death.

Our findings also revealed:

  • Baby Boomers are more likely to say they take life as it comes and avoid stress
  • Millennials are more likely to express a love for epicurean ways whether it be good food or living life in the moment
  • Millennials are also more likely to be more progressive in their views about the direction of society, even more than Gen Zers.

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