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The Future is Going to be Different …a Little Bit

GE2020 has come and gone and Singaporeans have returned the PAP to power, with a vote share of 61%. Besides a drop in PAP’s vote share, GE2020 was bookmarked by the achievements of Workers’ Party, which kept its incumbent seats in Aljunied and Hougang and added Sengkang GRC.

In this issue of YKA, we asked Singaporeans on their expectations of the local political scene in the next five years given the new shape of the Parliament.

With more Opposition members now in Parliament, 77% of Singaporeans expect changes to occur although only 15% predict that “things will change a lot”. For all the talk of an ‘official Opposition’, Singaporeans aren’t exactly predicting an earthquake in politics. However, nearly three in four (74%) believe the PAP need to reboot and bring themselves more up to date.

GE2020 was also unique as it happened amidst COVID19. The restrictions required all parties to rely more on social media and digital engagement over physical rallies. Was this seen as a good development for elections as a whole? Singaporeans are split - 40% rated GE2020 as better compared to past elections, while 30% rated GE2020 as worse than previous editions. Among those who rated it worse, Baby Boomers (aged 60 and above) stood out (48%).

Maybe we need to bring back the ‘Kallang Roar’ as well.