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The Psychic Effects of COVID19 Lockdown

While most news coverage has focused on dangers of COVID-19 to our health and safety, the emotional strain the crisis places on us is only now being acknowledged. In this issue of YKA, we look at the mental well- being of Singaporeans during both the Circuit Breaker period and Phase 1.

According to our tracker study, more than 1 in 2 Singaporeans (53%) expressed the view that the COVID-19 outbreak has adversely impacted their mental health. Amongst this group, more than 8 in 10 reported a heightened level of edginess, anxiety or nerves, while 6 in 10 claimed they have experienced episodes of panic or fear “attacks”.

When probed deeper, Singaporeans shared that immediate concerns relating to job security and personal finances were most troubling them, with 31% selecting such insecurities as the main cause of severe impact on their mental health. The deteriorating state of the economy was also marked as severely distressing by 24% of Singaporeans.