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Life After Lockdown, Part I

With the Circuit Breaker ending on June 1, we asked Singaporeans to share which activities they are looking forward to doing the most when outside life resumes. 

First and foremost, we have missed hanging out with those we are closest to. The top activity to do, picked by 32% of Singaporeans, was seeing friends and loved ones. Just under one in four (24%) are looking forward to leaving the house to do things other than getting food or groceries the most and a similar proportion want to go back to work. 

Interestingly, the desire to return to workplace is most strongly expressed by professional Gen X (35-49 year-olds) males of higher income. 

Tired of home cooked meals? Younger Singaporeans (15-24 year-olds) are most looking forward to having a meal outside of home (24%) while Singaporeans living in medium-high income households are the most eager to satisfy their retail therapy urge at local malls rather than relying on e-commerce to pass the time (16%).