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YKA, Trends

COVID19: Upsides of Life at Home

The Circuit Breaker maybe keeping Singaporeans home, but it’s not necessarily keeping Singaporeans down. In this house- bound period, Singaporeans say they are adapting well to the changing circumstances.

According to our latest YKA findings, 51% of Singaporeans are happy to spend more time with their family while more than 2-in-5 Singaporeans are using their downtime during Circuit Breaker to clean up their households. A third claim they have learned how to cook their own meals.

In another sign of Singaporeans growing more accustomed to these turbulent times, many are relieved that they no longer need to take public transport during rush hour (53%). Looking your best is also not a priority – 47% are glad they do not have to put on formal office wear while 41% are happy to avoid the effort of grooming themselves or putting on makeup (41%).

At a personal level, 45% of Singaporeans are glad to be able to plan their own time better. And one of the unexpected perks of Circuit Breaker is the ability to take a nap whenever needed (44%), a luxury Singaporeans rarely get to enjoy in normal times.