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Is Singapore Ready for a Gay PM?

South Bend, Indiana has given us Pete Buttigieg, the first openly gay US presidential candidate, in a country known for its sharp opinions on homosexuality. We asked locals how likely they think it is that Singapore will have a gay Prime Minister by 2050.

While only 34% of people thought it was likely to happen in that timeframe, 45% of Singaporeans said they would be comfortable with it. Just as many were comfortable with a gay President and even more were OK with a homosexual MP (49%) or Mayor (50%).

Singaporeans, however, appear slightly more comfortable with gay leadership in the workplace with 56% saying they are comfortable with their direct supervisor/boss being gay and 54% comfortable with a gay CEO.

Consistent with other recent publicised studies on gay attitudes in Singapore, those under 25 are roughly twice as tolerant as those over 50.