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The Year Ahead: Your International Predictions for 2020

An ominous start to 2020 has been coloured by the impeachment of Donald Trump in the US, the emergent pandemic out of China and raging bushfires in Australia. We asked Singaporeans to share their perspectives on how global events may play out.

For 2020, Singaporeans anticipate a new generation of young leaders to bring energy and perspectives to solve our pressing problems. More than 7 in 10 Singaporeans predict that many young leaders, especially women, will rise into leadership positions around the world and go on to inspire meaningful change in our society.

On the tech front, 68% of Singaporeans believe the future of social media lies in live broadcasting, as more and more people will take to their channels of choice to share their personal perspectives via live feed. 

Heeding warnings raised by the Government, 68% of Singaporeans predict the global economy will go into recession in 2020. This reflects the sentiment of the local business community, polled by the Singapore Business Federation, who also anticipate an unfavourable environment this year.

The streaming world has its own upheaval, with Netflix and Amazon facing emerging competition from HBO, Apple and Disney. However, nearly two thirds (64%) of Singaporeans predict that Netflix will maintain its status as the dominant streaming service. Though that’s not to say Netflix can chill.

Finally, Singaporeans remain concerned by the prolonged protests in Hong Kong. With no obvious resolution emerging in recent months, 61% of Singaporeans predict China will take a harsher stance if protests continue in 2020. 

Image: Andy Bosselman, Streetsblog Denver (Flickr)