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Digital Retail: Are there Auntie Stores Online?

Back in the brick-and-mortar days of department store shopping, it was quite the thing not to shop where your parents shop. Who would want to be seen dead in an auntie store?

With online retail beginning to mature (more than 80% of Singaporeans now shop online) and a whole brave new world of 5G customer experience just around the corner, it is interesting to see similar ‘age differentiation’ emerging in the digital retail and fashion space.  

Lazada, the recent king of Southeast Asian online shopping appears to be losing ground in Singapore. While still the most popular online store amongst 35-49 year-olds (54%), it is (49%) only just ahead of Qoo10 (45%) and Shopee (43%) amongst the 25-34 year-olds and is now second (45%) among Gen-Z shoppers (under 25s) after Shopee (50%). Those over 50 years-old prefer Qoo10 (55%), the auntie of online retail stores.

Also, Lazada, has a stronger brand reach amongst men (54%), while women have a wider taste palette when it comes to online fashion.

Younger shoppers are also more driven by online retail events. While shoppers used to gush over the Great Singapore Sale, younger Singaporeans now mark their calendars for Singles Day (11 November) sales and deals, with more than nine in ten reporting a familiarity with the internet shopping event. 

On Singles Day this year, more than half of Singaporeans aged under 35 purchased a discount online.  Amongst the millennials or Gen-Zs, Shopee was the big winner, well ahead of Lazada.