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Trade War Not Stopping the Rise of Chinese Brands

Not so long ago, consumers might have associated products “Made in China” as cheap imitations of inferior quality. Not today though. Chinese brands, especially those in the tech sector, are slowly shedding this stereotype as our findings show these brands are now viewed more favourably amongst Singaporeans. 34% of Singaporeans view Chinese brands as superior, a gain of 11% since 2018.

Furthermore, Chinese tech brands grew in popularity with Singaporeans between 2018 and 2019. Alibaba (50%), Huawei (49%) and Xiaomi (47%) took the top three spots, followed by Lenovo (45%) and OPPO (44%). All five brands saw an upwards swing of more than 10%, except for Lenovo (9%).

Huawei’s brand saw significant progress here, with a 13% gain in preference among Singaporeans (15% gain amongst those below 25 years-old). A good achievement, when you consider that Huawei was banned by the US government, denied access to Google services and committed a $54 retail marketing gaffe in Singapore earlier this year.

Not all Chinese brands resonate locally. Close to 1 in 2 Singaporeans have not heard of the leading drone maker, DJI and 35% have still not heard of Chinese social media sensation Tik Tok, which was downloaded more than one billion times in just 2 years. However, Tik Tok was rated as a superior tech brand by 29% of Singaporeans under 25 years-old.