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IPhone 11: Maybe Less Buzz but Still Apple’s Flagship

The year was 2007. Steve Jobs returned to the stage with “just one more thing…” as he introduced the original iPhone to the world. Since then, Apple has launched a new generation of iPhones every year (typically in September) and 2019 was no different. However, 12 years have passed since the iPhone revolution and many tech observers believe that iPhones no longer thrill consumers as they used to. In our latest YKA, we asked Singaporeans how they feel about the latest iPhone announcement. (No.11) in September. Three in five (61%) Singaporeans say they feel less excited about new iPhone launches than they did 5 years ago. This figure was higher amongst millennials aged 25-34 who grew up in the post Nokia era (70%). Amongst the new Apple announcements in September, the new iPhone 11 series still managed to capture the most attention (31%), way ahead of the new Apple TV+ streaming service (9%) and updates to the Apple Watch (8%). Apple Arcade, a subscription-based mobile gaming service, interested Gen Zs (9%) more than other age groups.