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GE20?? – What’s Impacting Voting Intentions?

With the Electoral Boundaries Review Committee now up and running, speculation is rife as to the date of the next GE date. Some are predicting the poll will take place before the end of 2019, while others are betting it will be in the first half of next year. Do Singaporeans want an earlier or later GE? We asked 889 eligible voters in September and learned that 50% prefer that the poll happens next year, as opposed to 21% who prefer it happens before the end of 2019. Just under three in ten (29%) are ambivalent. Following our findings last month on what key issues will be framing the next GE, this month we have drilled down further and asked Singaporeans which issues are most likely to impact their vote. At this point in time, about three in ten still say they are completely undecided as to who they will vote for which means a lot of votes are still up for grabs. Our deep dive reveals that while cost of living remains a key issue for many, it is a potentially stronger voting issue amongst older votes. Voters under 35 years old are much more likely to identify who they think is ‘best able to run the country’ as the main factor that will determine who they vote for. Other key factors currently in play as potential issues include government accountability, the potential performance of 4G leaders during the campaign, jobs, CPF and the economy. Inequality also pops up in the top 5 voting factors amongst under 25s. Surprisingly, hot button topics online such as the Lee family dispute, fake news laws and climate change are not yet translating into voting triggers.
Image: Singaporeans at 2015 election rally by on