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Upcoming General Election: What Are the Key Issues?

 The question on everyone’s lips: Will there be a GE this year? Parliament last month confirmed that “the Prime Minister has not yet appointed the Electoral Boundaries Review Committee” (Having this committee means elections are likely to happen soon). 

Whether this year or next, Singapore is gearing up for an election. So we asked Singaporeans eligible to vote at the next GE, which issues would be most important if an election was held right now.

Nor surprisingly, cost of living surfaced as a key issue by almost 1 in 2 Singaporeans (48%). This figure was even higher (58%) amongst medium income households. Cost of living is a component of Blackbox’s Government Satisfaction Index and now stands at its lowest point (54%) since June 2016. 

Job security ranks second (19%), especially among 15-24-year-olds (25%). Singaporeans appear concerned with the slowing economy, rising retrenchments this year and how it may affect them. 

CPF was rated the third most important issue, along with healthcare (15% for both), with the latter especially crucial amongst those 50 years old and above.

Housing affordability (11%) came fourth although it is a bigger issue amongst Singapore millennials (19%) compared to other other age bands. 


We are also seeing different issues being at the forefront in different parts of the island, which we will report on separately.

Image by Jacklee at Wikimedia Commons