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Population Revisited: Where Are The Babies?

In a recent Parliamentary session, Minister in the Prime Minister’s Office Mrs Josephine Teo shared that Singapore’s total population is likely to be below 6 million by 2020, and “significantly” below 6.9 million by 2030.

With the Government stating that it is not expecting any major changes in its immigration policy, more than half of Singaporeans (55%) are satisfied with the current population policies. Amongst Malays in Singapore, however, only 44% are satisfied with today’s population strategies, raising the question of our changing population dynamics.

The latest population statistics also revealed that Singapore’s fertility rate currently stands at 1.16, the lowest it has been for 7 years and significantly lower than the natural replacement rate of 2.1.

When it comes to the future of the Singapore population, nearly 2 in 3 believe (63%) that the Government should do more to get Singaporeans to have more children while 22% opt for immigration to maintain the population size. Only 15% believe that the population should be allowed to dwindle.