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Budget ’18: Giveaways Counterbalanced by Reaction to Future GST Raises

Following the Singapore Budget 2018 announcement, Blackbox conducted a survey to find out how Singaporeans felt about the overall plan and key highlights.

Almost all Singaporeans (92%) followed the Budget and its subsequent news coverage, with nearly one in three (31%) paying close attention.

In comparison to the 2017 Budget, more than half of those surveyed (56%) would personally consider the 2018 Budget to be the ‘same’. About a third (32%) believe this year’s iteration is worse whilst 13% rate it ‘better’.

The Government also outlined its key priorities moving forward. Out of the four objectives, Singaporeans first and foremost believe that the country should plan ahead for a fiscally sustainable and secure future (49%). 26%, however, are of the opinion that Singapore should absolutely prioritise a caring and cohesive society.

Of all the policies and initiatives discussed, the Proximity Housing Grant for eligible singles buying resale flats to live near their parents was rated the most favourable (81%) and the scheduled GST hike was the most unfavourable (83%).