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ASEAN Turns 50: Spotlight on Singaporean Perspectives

Coinciding with ASEAN’s 50th anniversary, Blackbox conducted a survey across all ten countries in October 2017. The findings revealed how people in Southeast Asia feel about ASEAN, its impact on their lives as well as its future development and progress.

A specific look at Singaporeans show that whilst they are mostly contented with the state of life in their own country (contentment index of 74), they are much more ambivalent about ASEAN.

Although slightly more than 4 in 5 (83%) of Singaporeans have a favourable opinion of the Association, the city-state ranks lowest across all ASEAN countries for having a positive image of ASEAN (59%), engagement with ASEAN news and happenings (71%) and optimism for ASEAN moving forward (70%). Singaporeans are also more likely to criticise ASEAN for achieving very little (24% vs average of 19%) and moving too slowly (23% vs average of 16%).

As Singapore continues to steer ASEAN’s chairmanship for the remaining of 2018, it is important to present to Singaporeans a compelling case for ASEAN’s rising importance.

The full report is available here

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