Public Service Experience Index (PSXI) 2020

Benchmarking the digitalisation journey of Singapore’s public sector to optimise decision-making in a post-pandemic world


Setting the stage for the next wave of digital transformation

Singapore has one of the region’s most progressive and conducive approaches to digital technologies. Launched in 2014, the Smart Nation programme aims to transform Singapore into the world’s first integrated digital economy, as well as enable and encourage innovation at all levels of society.

As remarkable as Singapore’s approach to digital governance may be, it is essential for its policymakers to anticipate the next stage of its digital transformation.

Indeed, the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted all facets of Singaporeans’ lives, profoundly disrupting personal and professional aspirations, and accelerating a wide range of social transformations.

To remain useful and relevant to Singaporeans, public sector organisations must be able to examine the way their digital offerings are used, valued, and perceived.

Benchmarking digitalisation for smarter decision making

The Public Service Experience Index (PSXI) is an all-round composite index that measures where 30 public sector organisations – Ministries, Statutory Boards, and other agencies – stand in terms of their digitalisation journeys across three key indicators: Impressions, Sentiments, and Interactions.

A longitudinal index, the PSXI tracks public sector organisations’ digitalisation journeys, benchmarking their progress over time and revealing the ideal scope and pace of change for agencies to set or re-visit strategic timelines, resources, and priorities.


Looking at PSXI data over time, it is clear that much progress has been made since 2019. Across the board, scores have increased compared to 2019 with the largest increase in the Interactions indicator.

2020 was indeed an inflection point that accelerated the roll-out of a number of citizen centric digital platforms, channels, and devices.

Public Service Experience Index

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Score Calculation

The PSXI is an aggregate score given by respondents when interacting with 30 public sector organisations in Singapore.

It is designed to benchmark an organisation’s individual digitalisation journey relative to others’ – capturing the progress made so far and identifying any areas that may require further attention.

Each sub-component score (Impressions, Sentiments, and Interactions) is averaged to get a single PSXI score for each organisation.

  • Impressions

    Reflects the way Singaporeans and PRs perceive different public sector organisations. To ensure comparability across agencies of varying sizes and with different purviews, each agency’s score is weighted 1) against its own score and 2) relative to other organisations’ scores.

  • Sentiments

    Reflects Singaporeans’ and PRs’ net positive experience with an agency in the last 12 months. To ensure comparability across agencies of varying sizes and with different purviews, each agency’s score is weighted 1) against its own score and 2) relative to other organisations’ scores.

  • Interactions

    Reflects Singaporeans’ and PRs’ preference for digital or traditional/in-person channels. A composite calculation normalises agencies’ scores on a 100-point range (the closer a score gets to 100, the more citizens are accessing an agency’s services via a digital channel).


Blackbox conducted the PSXI study among a nationally representative sample of 2,000 Singaporean citizens and Permanent Residents (PRs).

The sample is also statistically representative, covering a range of demographic characteristics (age, gender, ethnicity, occupation, and housing type).

Fieldwork was done in two waves: June-July 2019 and November-December 2020.

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