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South China Morning Post

SCMP Reports on Blackbox Post-Election Survey: How HK Voters Feel About A Year Of Protests

The Hong Kong protests featured at the very top of international news interest in Singapore this year. Blackbox recently collaborated with The South China Morning Post (SCMP) to examine the aftermath of the recent district elections where pro-Democracy candidates surprisingly won an overwhelming majority. Our survey was conducted a week after the election, amongst those who voted. We explored the main voting determinants as well as voter attitudes on a range of other issues including the protestors’ five demands, the impact of the protests on Hong Kong and where people think Hong Kong goes from here. Our survey results clearly show how big an impact perceived actions by the HK Police had on voting intentions. Arguably, growing public anger towards the HK Police (whether justified or not) was the single biggest determinant in turning a pro-democracy majority into a super majority on voting day. To see the SCMP reports on our survey click here and here.